Chapters are ADDA's Student Organizations.
ADDA Chapters consist of students who are involved in Design, Drafting and Graphics Programs.  Members can be involved in several training areas such as; drafting, design, pre-engineering, visual communications and other related graphic based classes.  Chapters are designed very similar to those of other student organizations and can coincide with little effort.

What are Chapters

Chapters are an ADDA Student Organization.   Chapter Members are Student Members of ADDA and work together as a mini-version of the ADDA.  Each Chapter elects their own officers, has its own advisory committee and a Chapter Advisor which is usually the schools instructor.

Chapters meet on a regular basis.  Meetings can be held weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.  Chapter Members normally work as a team to support the design profession, the school, community and other non-profit organizations.

Generally Chapters have made great impacts on the community.  During the Katrina Hurricane many of our Chapters collected items that were donated to the relief effort.  One of our Chapters enters a Float each year in their Annual Christmas Parade.  The possibilities are endless.

All monies raised by the Chapters remain with that local chapter to assist in whatever projects are needed.  Each year we have Chapters that hold fund drives all year to raise enough money to attend the Annual Training Conference.  Most importantly, being part of a Chapter reflects the ethical values set-up by ADDA and promotes professional development.

By working together as a team, chapter members learn how to deal with instruction, develop a sense of direction and begin molding leadership capabilities.  ADDA Chapters Members usually are the most sought after drafting design employees by industry.

ADDA Chapter Members are backed by the largest and oldest design drafting organization in the world.  ADDA requires our members to be highly ethical, visually perceptive, team oriented and individually driven. 

Starting a Chapter

Starting a Chapter is a very easy process.

First you must beenrolled as a student or instructor, in an educational facility or institution, either public or private. May be secondary or post-secondary.

Download the Charter Application and complete as directed.  An Advisor is required and is usually the class instructor but can be a professional in industry.

Once the application is received, it takes about 30 days to process the information and return your completed charter.

All you need is 10 or more students who wish to become part of a Professional Student Chapter.

ADDA is not a typical student organization which ends upon completing training.  ADDA is a Professional Drafting, Design and Graphics Organization for students which they can continue their involvement throughout thier career.

Chapter Applications & Download

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