Saturday 20 Dec 2014
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American Design Drafting Association


2015 Conference Information    NOW AVAILABLE    Click Here
Design Drafting Contest Information  NOW AVAILABLE   Click Here
Poster Contest Information  NOW AVAILABLE   Click Here

Let me share something with you all: I hate writing.  Maybe hate is too strong of a description as to my feelings, maybe it should be uncomfortable.   I’m talking about writing about a subject or even having a subject that is not within my comfort zone.  Now writing a technical instruction manual or assembly notes for a product that I am familiar with, that is a different matter.  An instruction manual or notes for a drawing have a form and structure that I am very comfortable with as I had 40 plus years’ experience in doing so but to write an article, personal letter or a simple post card is something I struggle with.  In part, I blame this on e-mail or texting, with access to ‘spell or grammar checker’.  I no longer have to worry about proper spelling or basic grammatical mistakes as the software will point out such.  Another reason is that no one really writes personal letters anymore, it is just too easy to send an e-mail or text, with abbreviations that sometimes bewilder me not to mention ‘emoticons’.  However, a letter or article has to have a subject meaningful not only for the writer but also the addressee.   As mentioned earlier, struggling to find a good article subject is my weakness.  I just morph into a blank individual staring at the monitor, hoping that the reflection before me magically produces an appropriate subject. 

Which leads me to this?  Do I write about how the ADDA is a great organization for the professional, instructor and student?  Been there and done that.  Note it is.  Do I write about setting personal and professional goals?  Been there and done that.  Do I write about ADDA’s Annual Technical Conference and the outstanding material for the professional, instructor and student that attend?  Been there and done that.  Do I write about how the ADDA is the only organization provides certification for the schools, students or professionals?  Been there and done that.  So I stare again into the monitor awaiting a subject.  Minutes and then hours go by, still no idea as to subject matter.  Then the ‘light bulb’ switches on!  I will just write about the future of ADDA concerning the exciting opportunities ADDA has coming this year and years following.

First, ADDA and Autodesk have agreed to be partners in Autodesk’s ‘Design the Future’ program for free software that will be available to schools.  Check out more information.

Second, ADDA is in the process of offering a Civil Drafters Certification Examination, a Mechanical Designers Certification Examination and start the process of creating a Structural Detailers Examination.  The Civil and Mechanical examinations should be released in 2015.  The Structural Detailers examination at a later date, target is 2016.  Note that these examinations are not ‘software specific’ but test the basic drafting/design skills required by the profession.  In addition, ADDA will continue to maintain and improve existing certification examinations.

Third, information for the 2015 Annual Drafting Contest for the high school and college student will be available soon.  Information will be posted on the website the first week of August.  There will be changes in the rules and problems, so please read the instructions and rules closely.  This is one of my favorite services that ADDA provides.

Finally, the planning for the 56th Annual Technical Conference to be held again in Kansas City, Missouri on the dates of 25-27 March 2015 has begun.  Plan on attending and I guarantee that you will leave with something useful.  Check the website regularly for updates and additional information.

Well, after reviewing this, it looks like I had something to say after all, maybe too much.  ADDA will continue to explore new opportunities that will expand what we have to offer but will also offer to you, the member, additional benefits.  With that said, on behalf of the ADDA Board of Directors and Staff, I hope you all have had a great and safe summer!  We look forward to seeing and working with you in the future!

Remember ADDA is a 501c3 non-profit volunteer association.  All our directors and committees donate their time and effort to improve the profession to benefit other drafters, designers and graphic professionals.  If you would like to assist with any program or be involved with a committee or specific area, please contact me.  Most of our volunteer opportunities can be accomplished through emails and telephone calls.  Volunteering will give you exposure at the next level in your career to improve your network, job skills and personal development.