Monday 21 Jan 2019
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American Design Drafting Association


ADDA's Mission....
"Support and Prepare the Design Profession
            to Preserve the Past and Imagine the Future.”

As we are now midway through summer and we as professionals involved in business, manufacturing and education have to focus on the finish line of December 31.    What does that mean to each of us.    I have always been drawn to numbers.  That is why I have given over 40 years to the engineering trades.  When you follow the numbers, we as drafters, designers and engineers know, that numbers are coordinates, a group of coordinates revel lines, lines  create an object and objects eventually create a picture. 

This statement revels the following ….. matter what side of the fence you are on politically or if you are on the fence, the numbers revel a growth in our national economy that has not been seen in years.  We are seeing an increase in manufacturing, steel production and building that has not occurred in decades.   This positions all of us in the design fields to take advantage of what will come.   With the current trends continuing there should be a high demand for trade professionals especially those in the design fields.

Educators need to focus their curriculum on training to the standards, codes and requirements of the specific disciplines they teach.  The reason being,  the design profession will be requiring more highly trained individuals to fill the needs created by this growth.   Industry needs to work with the educational institutions to provide the needed criteria to fill positions within their specific disciplines.  ADDA asked industry what type of individual would you seek to fill positions within your specific industry.

What industry has provided to ADDA are the following.   (1.)  Individuals that have a solid knowledge of math related to engineering.  Having the ability to calculate formulas without the use of computers.  Basic math skills that were used two decades ago.  Some examples would be knowing how to calculate volumes and lengths by the use of a memorized formula.  (2.)  Knowing the very basic codes, standards and processes used in their related discipline.    Industry feels the human factor is the ultimate failsafe when creating and verifying the accuracy of drawings.  (3.)   Knowing drafting principles related to their discipline.  This would include how to properly indicate the line work, schedules, notations and other items that would be related to the drawing created.  (4.)  A good knowledge of CADD Operations.  Industry did not indicate the need to know one drawing software over another.  Each company or industry may use different or multiple softwares.   The ability they seek is can the individual created and layer within a system to create the final drawing.  (5.)  Professionalism.  Professional Certification and Continuing Education Certification were the highest on the list.   Industry wants ROCK SOLID CERTIFICATION to validate an individual’s skillsets.   Third in the professionalism area was work ethic.  Included was timeliness, personal appearance, attitude and handling work related stress.

I am looking forward to my continued support of ADDA and encourage you to be involved at any level you feel fits your ability and time.  We have a place for all who want to be involved.

Floyd McWilliams


Instructors, ADDA is now proud to offer Instructor Certification at three levels of certification: Certified Instructor, Professional Instructpr and Master Instructor.  Each level requires different amounts of experience and education in a specific area of design drafting instruction.  Those areas of instruction are Architectural, Mechanical, General and Digital.  ADDA believes that this will become more important and possibly a requirement as schools, school districts and state departments of education look for industry certification of their instructional staff.  Please check our website for additional information.

In closing, I would like to remind all of you, member or non-member, that the ADDA is the only organization that totally supports the drafting/design profession with continuing education for professionals and soon to be professionals within the drafting/design profession.  Check out what ADDA has to offer!

Remember ADDA is a 501c3 non-profit volunteer association.  All our directors and committees donate their time and effort to improve the profession to benefit other drafters, designers and graphic professionals.  If you would like to assist with any program or be involved with a committee or specific area, please contact me.  Most of our volunteer opportunities can be accomplished through emails and telephone calls.  Volunteering will give you exposure at the next level in your career to improve your network, job skills and personal development.

Design Drafting Contest Information  
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ADDA has professional trainers to assist your company in the latest technologies.  ADDA can assit in you in setting up your engineering department with the lastest equipment, help you devleop internal or external standards or provide you the latest in ASME Standards Training.

Before you sign-up, check in with ADDA.