Monday 05 Oct 2015
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>Professional Certification

Professional Certification is an examination system which ADDA developed almost 20 years ago to establish a credentialing system based on an individual's competency level.  The examinations are based on years of experience or training level.  Examinations are available to Professionals and Students.   Examinations may be taken at any approved testing site or through a proctor approved by ADDA.   Contact ADDA for more information.

Professional Certification Credentials are available for:
Apprentice: High School - Vocational Training or Entry Level on-the-job Employment
     Architectural & Mechanical
Certified Drafter - Advanced High School - Vocational Training - Up to 2 years Experience
    Architectural & Mechanical
Certified Design Drafter - Post Secondary Training - Experience of 3-5 years
Certified Digital Designer - Post Secondary Training - Experience of 3-5 years
    Visual Communication & Digital Photography

Choose the link to download the appropriate application:

Apprentice Drafter
Certified Drafter
Certified Digital Designer

Examination Proctor Application

Examination Competencies

ADDA Public Examination Dates & Locations
April 18, 2015 8-12am

Northeast Community College
College Center
1001 College Way
South Sioux City, NE  68779


Contact Dan Whitlock
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Voice  402-241-6602